Assistive Technology

From pencil grips to software, Assistive Technology has helped many disabled persons be independent. In this page are some such helpful technologies that focus on furthering the independence.

Accessible Modal Dialogs with Vanilla JS
Accessible Modal Dialogs with Vanilla JS gives ARIA Modal Dialog Demos and Basic Modal Dialog Example. Each section provides example tests that showcase different features of the modal dialog script. The webpage also contains links to other additional tests. 

Assistive Technology Certificate Program
UIC-DHD Assistive Technology Certificate Program (ATCP) is a CAAHEP-accredited Assistive Technology Program designed to give practical training in assessing and implementing assistive technology tools and strategies. 

Contrast is a macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios. The app shows the contrast score as soon as the colors are picked that makes the designing process easier.

Digital A11y
The website Digital A11y provides information on understanding different elements of accessibility. It includes understanding of consistent navigation, input, focus, language of parts and page, etc. 

Disability Statistics
This links to the Disability Statistics website that helps gather U.S. disability statistics. It has 3 steps — Select a statistic, Adjust search filters, and Review results — to be followed to collect disability statistics of U.S.

European Accessibility Act
This is an article about publishing of The European Accessibility Act. The post details what the law covers and provides examples of products and services covered by the law.

Eyeflite is a small business building a hands-free communication and digital content delivery platform for virtual and augmented reality to empower people with movement disabilities with more independence and control. Their mission to make technology and communication more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Focus Blue
Freedom Scientific is a manufacturer of assistive technology products for those with vision impairments or learning disabilities. This is a link to their Focus Blue Family line of products that offer Braille displays that can be integrated with various operating systems.

HTML5 Landmarks Exposed
HTML5 Landmarks Exposed is a blogpost about testing out a page with HTML elements that should be exposed as landmarks without the need for ARIA roles. The post also shows tests for MacOS, iOS voiceovers, JAWS, NVDA, Narrator, and TalkBack with different browsers.

insideONE Tablet
InsideONE is an all new kind of tablet that unites the world of Braille and print. It makes the interaction more intuitive, rapid, and fluent. It enables users to switch from Braille keyboards to standard keyboards and offers ease of operation. 

JAWS Inspect
JAWS Inspect is a testing tool that vastly simplifies accessibility and JAWS compatibility testing. This link to the tool on The Paciello Group details the benefits and uses of the JAWS tool.

NoCoffee Vision Simulator Extension
The NoCoffee vision simulator extension for Chrome is for people with vision problems such as low acuity, low contrast sensitivity, colorblindness, and other vision problems. 

PCEye Plus
This is a purchase link to PCEye Plus on Tobii Dynavox website. PCEye Plus is a device that helps visually impaired people access computers with assistive technology. It combines Eye tracking, Dictation, Switch and IR. 

Slack a11y
The General channel has a large repository of discussions. To start at the beginning, Jump to date March 18, 2015.
Tenon is an organization that builds tools to test website accessibility. They provide services that help identify accessibility issues on the site and fix those issues in the development process.

Text on background image a11y check
This is a guide to foreground color accessibility on a background image. It provides information for designers and developers to test their design for accessibility. 

Visually is an accessibility visualization toolkit to help visualize how a website performs with assistive technologies. The link shows how the toolkit works and how to use it.

WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1
WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1 details how to create accessible internet applications. It provides recommended approaches for making widgets, navigation, and behaviors accessible using WAI-ARIA properties. 

Web Accessibility Overlays Do Not Work
Overlays Don’t Work is a webpage with a list detailing why “overlay” products that claim to make a website accessible do not work. This site goes into the major web accessibility problems and explanations supporting the argument of why overlay tools cannot fox them. 

WebAim Contrast Checker
The WebAim Color Contrast Checker provides a simple interface for comparing colors against the recommendations of the W3C WCAG