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A list of all important conferences, talks, and presentations focused on accessibility, universal design, and assistive technology.

#a11yTOConf is a website for upcoming accessibility related talks and presentation events hosted by the A11yTO brand. It has details of the event, call for presentations, speakers, and tickets.

Accessibility Camp
The Accessibility Camp Bay Area website has all details about the LinkedIn event that it hosts. It has all the previous event information, registration, schedule, and FAQs of the event.

Accessibility Conference
This is a link to The Annual University of Guelph Accessibility Conference with details of the event, registration, and FAQs.

Accessing Higher Ground
Accessing Higher Ground is an organization focusing on implementation and benefits of accessible media, universal design, and assistive technology. Their website has details of all the presentation and talk sessions they host for the current year. They also have archived resources from older sessions that can be accessed.

Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) is an organization for providers of Assistive Technology. This webpage is a link to conferences conducted by ATIA. It provides all details of the conference, registration process, speaker information, seminars, schedule, etc.

Boston Accessibility Conference
Boston Accessibility Group focuses on online accessibility, conducting monthly meetups and runs the annual Boston Accessibility Conference. This webpage has information of all their upcoming events, speakers, registration, etc.

This is the webpage to CSUN Assistive Technology Conference. It has details of past and upcoming conferences, archives of previous conferences, call for presentations, awards, and workshops.

ICT Accessibility Workshop 
This is a link to the Information Security and ICT Accessibility Workshop presented by The CCC Information Security Center & CCC Accessibility Center. It has the agenda with presentation slides and discussion topics.

M-Enabling Summit
M-Enabling Summit is an initiative focused on promoting accessible technology for seniors and persons with disabilities. Their website provides the details for their conference registration, agenda, exhibitors, and attendee benefits.

Smart Accessibility
The IARIA webpage provides conference, call for papers, program, participation, and post conference information for Smart Accessibility Conferences.

Stanford Resources
Stanford University’s Online Accessibility Program lists a set of accessibility-related training sites and materials, online courses, and conferences.

This website details the conference program, paper presentation topics, deadlines, past events, information on attendees, submissions, and student grants.