Platform Support helps users familiarize themselves with the software they use, the features available in it, and how they can make the best use of the features.

This link on the Microsoft website is a guide to making Windows10 more accessible. It gives a list of all the features that make it a more accessible interface. It also provides information on how to activate these features for a better user experience.

Apple also has its own guide to make Mac more accessible. This link contains information about the different ways of switching control that aid people with different needs. It also provides instructions for activating these features.

This is a link to Google Support for turning on accessibility features in Chromebook. It has a set of guides to complete the task. It also contains links to guides for other tasks that the user may want to learn more about.

Chromebook Accessibility Guide
In Dan Price writes a guide to all the accessibility tools and features on Chromebook. The blog gives a detailed picture of each feature, with videos and images for some, and steps to activate the features.

10 things to know about Chromebook Accessibility
This blog post by Deborah Edwards-Onoro focuses on the best features of Chromebook’s accessibility. The article highlights these features and gives a quick guide to activate each feature.

Accessibility on iOS gives a look into the different accessibility features available in the operating system. This link provides a basic introduction to the various accessibility features on iOS.

Accessibility in iOS
This link to Accessibility on Apple devices gives a more detailed look at the accessibility features on iOS. With photos and videos, the link shows the functionality and value each feature adds to the Apple devices. It also has an option of exploring the features of each device separately.

The Android Developers website has a set of accessibility guidelines to help app developers improve accessibility on their apps. This link provides videos and written guidelines to aid android developers with accessible design.

Android Accessibility Overview
This link on Google Support gives an overview of the features that can be activated on Android devices for better accessibility. It also provides brief steps to activate the features, and links to detailed setup guides for each feature.